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OUR AGREEMENT (to Probate beneficiaries)

 If you enter into an agreement with us we guarantee that you will never be asked to make a payment to us or anybody else. 

All expenses, including solicitors' fees, taxes and debts are taken out of the estate before distribution, so the money that you receive will be completely tax free and yours to spend as you wish. The VAT is paid on our fee only, and not on your share of the estate. Furthermore, because our fee is a percentage of whatever we are able to recoup for you, this means that, if for any reason you fail to inherit from the estate, you will have no liability whatsoever. 

We pride ourselves in having some of the lowest fees in the probate genealogy business and we are dedicated to giving beneficiaries a fair deal. However, if for any reason you have concerns about our agreement or fee then please do get in touch.